Thanks friend:

And because it is cold – I need to feel the warmth – a couple of snaps taken by Tracey – who featured in the previous blog post….On the same day.. My little cutie babies.. Who were real troopers in the heat while I snapped Tracey and her boys..

Thanks Trace!
I love them!



summer lovin:

My bad..But these beautiful photos were taken in January in Yarrawonga. They feature our lovely friends and caravan park neighbours Tracey, Lucas and Jack. Looking at these yesterday while I was editing – knowing that on the day they were shot we had waited as long as we could for the days heat to cool to a mere 42degrees – WOW.
Right now it hardly seems possible as I sit snug in my mother’s day  ugg boots!!!

Happy Mothers day to all the Mum’s out there..

Missing Summer already:

So I thought  would post some more of our photos from our Summer holidays, seeing as I finished my client editing early – I edited some of ours too:

Come back Summer holidays…We miss already!!

Summer lovin’

Well we are away on vacation! Yay! Now normally I don’t blog.

I take January as a technological hiatus – well lucky you – here I am!

I have been instagramming like a mad thing.. It’s a very obsessive ‘mini photography’ hobby for me. I like the fact that I can edit, filter and post on the go. So the big camera hasn’t come out that much as yet. But I did take a few snaps the other evening – so I though I would share:

Yes – Miss M is a cheeky little thing totally digging being away..
Yes – he has the biggest blue eyes EVER.. I think they are bluer because his hair is blonder?

Happy New Year Everyone!