Oh Autumn:

It’s funny how busy I get as Winter approaches?? I think clients are busy doing things and activities when the weather is warmer? Nevermind..As proof by my lovely friends right here – photos in the cold can be magical!
I say it everytime guys – but your little family is so easy and fun to photograph. For three reasons:

a. you do as your told (hehehehehe!! I am a bossy britches behind the camera!)
b. you don’t pose.. Seriously the reason I get amazing images is because you are totally natural with Milly. You just love her and the camera – and me – do the rest!
c. Milly is the star! We let her do her thang – and look at the results!

Thanks guys mwah!


Model assistant:

This is what happens when you ask your divine four year old to sit for a ‘test shot’. I had a photoshoot at home this afternoon. The weather was poor and my

little star is only two. So I grabbed kitchen chairs and throw rugs and played around with the best light in the girls bedroom. I think Miss M proved the light and makeshift studio was pretty darn fine:

Gosh..I am bias..But she is just the most beautiful girl. I love her to pieces. These photos show her outer beauty – but she is so lovely on the inside too. kind to a fault..Generous…Outgoing and friendly..Open and honest with everyone..Funny and charming and energetic..Goodness..the energy from this darling little fliberty jib!
And this last one..More serene..A moment I captured..And I played with the editing for a little bit of fun!
Love you Moo 

Beanies and leaves:

Just my boy in the leaves..Thought seeing as Autumn had passed us already – I had better get some snaps in the leaves before the turn to total mush in the wet of winter!

This was just a ten min shoot in the leaves of our neighbours nature strip yesterday. I literally carried the chair over and snapped away. A good tip for a quick shoot. Angles. If you cover most angles with your camera and keep moving you will get a great variety of shots. For Rylan I made sure I went from above..Down low..I placed him to the side in some shots, got in close to him and then I let him run around as well. I got some fab ones – and he was pretty much over the whole thing in ten min anyway – so perfect!

Asta la vista Autumn..
Helloooo Winter…

I really took these shots – just to capture that seriously cute beanie though!!


Family moments – instalment 2:

Here is the second lovely family I photographed on the same day.. But this time two little boys and one sweet girl..

 Hasn’t little henry got the most beautiful eyes..Lucky little man..
Gorgeous family Briana.. Thanks for letting me capture you in the the lovely late afternoon light…

She and the Murphy Men:

My gorgeous bestie went and had her second son only hours after we had finished our quite enjoyable visit with them just over a week ago..So it was with much happiness that we ALL trekked back down to meet this sweet little fellow:

And just a few out takes to show you how gorgeous my own kids are – Look at them helping me pose and arrange sweet ‘baby jam’ – and how much they adore this new little friend – and his big brother:

Happy Crew:


On totally short notice my lovely friend and workout pal, Marita and her gorgeous family pulled together for a family shoot. I love capturing families. BUT I especially love the interaction you get with a large one.You would think it would make the photos more difficult to get – but it almost always goes the other way. As in the case of these guys. Not a stress or worry. Just smiles, laughter and a little craziness – which in my book goes a long way in capturing those casual and cute moments that we all want hanging on our walls..

I think this last group shot is my fave..Large and on a canvas  I think Marita..We want those purple jeans commemorated for eternity – because purple rules…

Oh – and apologise to Imogen for the eyes-closed photo – she’ll probably hate it – but I LOVE it!!!

Doin’ the happy dance:

Never a successful happy dance without  a mouthful of grapes either!
We are happy dancing around here because we have just had some exciting news that cannot be shared just yet…..
I am busting too..But..We’ll satisfy ourselves with dancing for now…

Hope your week is happy dance worthy too..
Rod and I off for a weekend away this Saturday..I plan on photographing the weekend – for a change.. Will see how that goes..


Photo smarts: Recreation:


This is my layout for the Oct 15th sketch over at Stuck…. These photos are really precious to me..It was a regular thing – him playing with the potatoes..But it was night time thing. Needless to say – NOT a fabulous time to capture a candid moment I can assure you.

So as well as showing you this layout I wanted to take the time to tell you that you can capture those little things..but you can make sure you get a ‘nice’ image at the same time.

I often take a photo to document something. But I will take the time to ‘pose’ the shot too. The photos in the layout are a prime example. He played at night with these toys. So instead I took them in the morning in his PJ’s..I just got the toys out then and let him play, so that I could capture this time – with nice light..

Another important memory I wanted to document was his love of banana’s.A simple thing really that I could have simply captured whilst he was sitting at the kitchen table, but the light is terrible there, and I didn’t want his booster seat in this shot. So, instead I gave his banana and directed him to the playroom. I know this room has the best available natural light in the late afternoon and I also wanted some colour in the background. I positioned him in front of the blue couch so that he would have the light from the window to his left. I made sure the banana was in focus.
Documenting the ordinary doesn’t have to be ordinary. A little bit of planning and you can have beautifully posed images, that still carry the message you want:
The girls were playing dress-ups quite happily on their own…I saw them out of the corner of my eye and grabbed the camera. I wanted them to know in the future that the ‘bigs’ played with the ‘little’s’..The girls were already in the room with the best light and were already using the mirror. I just asked them to ‘fake’ the zip-up again as I had already missed the magic moment. And I love this photo so much. 
I treat capturing my kids on camera in a similar way to a photoshoot with clients. If I need the to recreate a look..I will do it…Better than missing it altogether or having the shot but with a distracting background or poor light…I am photographer after all!!

Photo smarts:

I have been taking lots of photos this month and I have been meaning to do a blog post about some of the tips I can give you from my own photography experiences. Some of these things come like second nature to me these days..But I realise they don’t to everyone..

I found in my last group of photo I had quite a few shots that employed the good old ‘ rule of thirds’ policy. I do it without thinking..

But here are some tips for you when having a go:

  • Make sure your camera’s focus point is set to the third you wish to capture your subject. When I took the photo of my husband and daughter above. I set the focus first and then snapped. It only took a second. But you are ensured you get a great shot. Practise at home with inanimate objects first.
  • A distracting object in another third of the shot can ruin the effect. I made sure it was only the beach and the horizon behind them.
  • When you can’t avoid distracting objects..parties etc.. Setting the focus point in the third you want to capture your subject will ensure what you need IS IN focus.  In R’s birthday image below I wanted the cake in the bottom third to be in focus and my children to be out of focus..I set the focus point and took the shot. Mind you I was also struggling for light..More on light another time though!

  • Take a few snaps of the same shot. Always a way to get the right image. In the photo of my husband and daughter I moved my subjects further out to the right in some of my shots. But decided on this one at the time of editing.

  • Rule of thirds can apply to photo taken in portrait too. For the photo on the left, I wanted a shot of the group of children. But I wanted to capture the boats and dock too. By getting down on my knees and setting the focus point in the bottom third as I did so – I was able to capture the image you see.
  • The rule can also be twisted to suit your needs too. For the photo on the right. I wanted Miss M to be in the bottom third. But I angled her slightly to the left too. In this way she appear to be bouncing into the shot and I still managed to capture the boats behind her.

  • Another way to use the ‘rule of thirds’ is to capture your subject- but to leave the remaining thirds out of focus like I did above. In this case I wasn’t trying to include the background so much as make H the absolute focus. Mind you, I like that R is there and you can make out the birds slightly.. This type of image requires keeping you f-stop low if  you are using a DSLR. Having it on the portrait setting on a point and shoot will give a similar effect though. You still need to set your focus point as well.
  • This type of photography I find works well with my scrapbooking. The photos above when printed – will be able to have embellishments on the ‘negative space’.
  • And lastly, try to remember to reset your focus point for other shots – I don’y always! And I get bugged by out of focus subjects back in the centre of my image!

Hope this helpful!

C xx