Never easy:

Choosing MY most fave shots to edit and post here! A young couple having their first baby..They simply radiate happiness – even in the face of drizzle and a mere top of 7degrees!
As usual these are the shots that grabbed my attention..Enjoy:


Photos we thought we might never see:

So very glad you decided to have a baby.. Lind and Steve..So happy you let me photograph you at this time too..I know it’s a cliche – but you are blooming.. And Steve..Well your’re pretty cute too..especially when you are skipping….LOL..Can’t wait to meet the little Macdonald…What about Ronald for a name? Bet you haven’t heard THAT one before……..

C xx

nearly due..

On a particularly cool evening I had the privlege to photograph the Lance family again. Kell is decidely gorgeous when pregnant and I love photographing her. Ollie is pretty darn cute too. Jeremy..well I can take him or leave him – LOL! Just kidding! In the space of 20 min, with a headache looming and a toddler taking off for the nearest road I was really please with how many great shots I was able to get! Beautiful family = beautiful photos I guess..

My fave is the black and white one where Kell’s bump is touching Jeremy. I love it. Oh and these photos were all taken just steps from our front door – bonus! No need to have a heavily pregnant Mum trooping all ove rthe place in search of the perfect location. Plus Rodda had a hot coffee waiting for us when we were done..

Thanks guys….