Getting Krafty:

This month your challenge is to create a layout using Kraft Cardstock or Kraft Patterned Paper
and the following…
3 Different Alpha’s + 3 Photos + A title with 3 or more words + a masked background!
I had fun making frames for the photos from simple journalling paper…
My two fave men!

All about:

She is 8 years and 8 months old
Her fave colour is still purple.
She still sucks her thumb when watching TV – if she thinks I am not looking..
Still sleeps and plays with Friendy..Who is 7 years and 8 months old.. She has a wardrobe of clothing items…
She loves SLEEP.. and a sleep in.. almost always last out of bed on the weekend..After 9am..
Is the slowest breakfast eater..EVER..
Is so gentle and patient with her little brother and sister.And encouraging with them too..
Like to take the ‘middle ground’..So is almost always the mediator in arguments with her siblings..
In the unlikely event she is involved in the tiff – well then we have floods of tears..
Wants to do the RIGHT thing so BAD..Decisions are hard for her..Seriously..
Likes raw red capsicum in her lunch box..
Her hair is almost down to her bottom.
Loves anything related to Harry Potter…
Is up to reading book number six in the HP series..
Like Moshi Monsters on the internet..
Is super smart – we’ve been told..
Sometimes called ‘the passenger’ during clean up..Tries to get away with not doing alot..
Hangs out with her twin and a gaggle of other girls at school
Is shy initially..She can come across a little aloof. But will open up in time..
Notoriously quiet around other adults..Still..
Loves my homemade spagetti and meatballs the best..
Likes to ‘fly under the radar’ on most things..Goes about everything in a quiet non-showy kind of fashion? She stays on the edges of things? And  in this way she manages mostly stays out of the firing line..Shifty but extremely clever little miss that she is..
So softly spoken I have to ask her to repeat alot of things she says to me..
Will have a go at everything new.. Has that ‘I can’ spirit in a soft version.
Is called ‘Memmy’ by most family members..
Also known as Lizzy and Jem-Bob..

She is one very divine half of my twins..I love her so very much..My sweet Lizzy girl xx

Happy Sunday all


You Stuck?

Wanna scrapbook the weekend away? Beat the winter chill?
Need inspiration? Love a good sketch?
Well I have the answers –
Well Stuck does:

Jemma and I at the very summit of Mt Buller..There was time when walking this steep uphill incline in heels would have knackered me..Not anymore..It was obviously a kissing moment!)

( I have changed the layout – please pretend that you didn’t see NEXT months layout..oops)

Have a great weekend everyone..
Off to our local farmers market tomorrow.
Making homemade Jamie Oliver pizza’s for our guests..
Thanks for putting the idea in my head Dani!


banana pops!

I  dont know about you, but my girls barrel in the door after school – Starving…You know..” We’re STARVING Mum….” Said with venom and a touch of sarcasm, as if I couldn’t possibly understand exactly how empty their stomachs feel… With only two hours or so unitl dinner it’s always a minefield to walk (or should I say snack..) through!

Now I am the first to admit that on many afternoons I have quite simply opened a packet of biscuits ( sometimes healthier rice crackers – even though I abhor the preservatives in the flavourings these days) and sitting on the laptop while their mini mouthes demolish the entire packet before B1 can say “Are you thinking what I’m thinking B2?”… Easy..But not particulary healthy..

So having started to be mindful of this for myself, I decided I should probably be thinking of their empty little tums too..So yesterday I put together this delicious and fun afternoon snack for the kids:

It really is a mixture of nutrition and sugar! They really do desire crap food after school – so this was my way of adding a bit of fruit and fun into the equation! A few skewers and bowls of choc and caramel sauce..Honey, peanut butter and various sprinkles..Then I let them at it..

Double dipping was fair game..we share and share alike around here! I wish I had taken a photo of the pile of banana peels – wowsers! But the girls didn’t complain about being hungry again until we had dinner after 7 o’clock.

A win in my book!


A little sketch:

Hopped over to the Studio Calico blog and found this sketch:

So when Fee came over to knit while I scrapbooked..I had a go at it..I went with Summer photos..Feeling the Winter chill around here..

I adore these photos..Rod is so happy and so is Milla..Rylan just looks chuffed to be getting a go at the waterslide!

Happ Queens Birthday Monday all..Off to watch the footy!



They went off to camp last week. There were tears –

from their little sister and brother!

Milla was sad to see them go and didn’t quite get that they wouldn’t be home. Rylan on the other hand – well all the parents standing around as the grade three’s got on their buses were very symapthetic to a little boy who seemed very miserable at his sisters leaving on a bus..But secretly I think he just wanted to be on the bus himself!

Check out the cheeky little person who sidled into the shot in the first photo??
Cute much?

Hope you are all having an ace long weekend..
Cold and wet here..
Girls all having friends over..
Milla and Rylan going to see th model train exhibition tomorrow.
I am going to the movies tomorrow..

A win for one and all!



A shout of sorts this post..Both of these challenges are from sites I have never entered into before but came across because of two special friends with whom I stay in contact through their blogs and their creative connections..
Stace is on the design team over at Creative Scrappers and is my friend who now lives a long way away.. It was through her blog I stumbled across some awesome sketches..I really miss Stace..She somehow isn’t nearly as loud so far away..I miss her humour, her honesty and her volume…hehehe
Hi Stace..

This layout was inspired in a ‘pay it forward’ way I suppose by my friend Eb..Cruising past her blog as I so often do I was blown away by her work – again..Her layouts are more like pieces of art.. Truly incredible and really bright – which you all know is totally me too! So it seems for her layout with repeating hearts as the theme –  she was inspired by Steph and I in turn was inspired by her. I didn’t necessarily stick to the sketch though. It is also the layout to go with the journalling from this post :

And then feeling totally like getting messy I took up the painting of mist idea that both Steph and Eb have done and created this…Thanks Eb:

thoughts for you:


beautiful girls…

I never imagined my life as the mother to 4 beautiful girls.. I am sure alot of the time I am getting things wrong.. I try to keep it simple. I share my thoughts with you. I also ask you your thoughts on certain things.. I take you shopping and do girly things together. The little things…

In this way I hope that as you all grow into young ladies you might still want to do those things with me. Teenage years are approaching fast and I am not silly enough to realise you need your friends and secrets..and time spent without me..

 But hopefully by sharing and talking now – I can still have a voice in your world.. Hopefully you might still want to go shopping with me and hear my thoughts on your choices and stop for coffee and cake after.. That’s all I require..Just time..A little bit now and then to observe and cuddle my growing girls – quite alot like right now really..

Love you to the moon and beyond…my 4…

Mama xx

She did this:

….All by herself. And you know I can’t recreate the same look on her? And believe me I’ve tried! The softness of it is what my version is alway missing!

 She is 10 and just knows how her hair works I suppose. She does it herself everyday for school now. Very similar to this style. Although she is starting to branch out into loose pony tails  and pig tails too…

Another sign that she is growing up and away from me…



Keeping my word:

Doubling up this post..This is a ‘try this’ challenge for Show Us Your Stuff and also it is a layout created with a photo I posted with journalling to scrap at a later date here.

This system is working well. I also have the ‘Roar’ layout completed with the journalling I did on a post a few weeks back..I have done that for a design team challenge though so I will post it at a later date. I am truly much better at journalling on the blog. I tend to really overlook the important things to say when I am busy be creative on a layout! Too many pretties to put on and no time to think about the meaning behind the photo..Typical me..In fact I was almost finished this layout before I remembered I needed to get on my blog and squish in some journalling – to busy up to my elbows in glue and what have you!

Over at Show Us your Stuff the challenge was to try a textured background use gesso etc. I have used patterned material, craft glue, glimmermist and white paint- with some splodges of yellow thrown in after for good measure..Apart for making the page buckle a little it seemed to work well enough? Mind you in my typical fashion – I have covered most of it up with other things!

I am super-chuffed with the finished product. Crafty, bright, bold and meaningful too!