Happy to be:

…..guinea pigs! These fabulous images were taken by my very clever sister-in-law Cindy…She has her very first wedding to photograph tomorrow and she asked us to pose as practise…

Let me just say, I was quite happy to put our hand up for this golden oppurtunity…

Firstly because she is an excellent photographer…
Secondly, because we love a very similar style of photography so I trusted her to take photos I knew I would fall in love with….

And finally because as a couple we never get photos like this?

Seriously?  Who in a committed loving relationship with 5 kids, one shift work occupation, one burgeoning photography business and numerous other distractions would ever be bothered to do it?

Plus – you feel like a tosser prancing around in front of a camera – when your not getting married – or you are married with wrinkles!!! LOL.. So, the mere fact that I was helping her out made it that little bit easier. Still felt like a try-hard.. wanna-be…bride..But ah well..The proof is here..I still very much love my husband – AND shit we’re definitely getting old!!!

I am also going to frame some or get some on canvasses..I don’t care if I look up myself.. Rod and I never got around to getting our wedding photographs framed..And somehow I feel like these photos are a real reflection of us living…You know? The wedding day is beautiful..But you are just embarking on life together? There is anticipation and expectation in the photos of your wedding day…

These images show me that we are toughing it out after almost 20 year together.. We are still affectionate and loving…Hehehe.. He still thinks I’m hot…Even though it was freezing and ALL 8 of our kids were ‘running riot’ INSIDE both of our cars while we were madly capturing the LUUUUURVE…..See? REAL…

Thanks Cindy….I appreciate it..I love them and I can’t wait to see the wedding images on your blog…


Hmmm..On a side note..I do seem to be spending more time in front of the lens this year??
I like myself..I do.. I feel youthful..Energetic…Happy…
And apart from some dumb looks in front of camera and much blinking when the photo is snapped ( der)..I am happy to be captured… I am also featured in some fitness photos..here…and I will share these later too..
Enough of me and US for now though..
I’m getting a bit over myself…

Will she?

Will she always be this way?
Will she always roll her eyes at me when I say something she doesn’t want to hear?
Will she sigh theatrically at every serious word I say?
Will she not meet my eye when she is grown?
Will she still sob quietly behind the couch where she she thinks I cant hear her?
Will she still sob loudly behind the couch so I can?
Will she always slam a door, a drawer anything –  to make her point?
Will she still sulk?
Will she still whine?
Will she?
Will she be like this at 13?
Will she be the same at 16?
Will she alway react to me this way?

Will she understand why I am consistently firm?
Will she run wild?
Will she rebel?
Will she confide in me?
Will she want to?

It’s the conundrum of parenthood..It seems delightfully far away when they are tiny and small, snug in the safety of your arms…

But far to soon you are going head to head with your beautiful daughter.. Again and again..

And I worry…Will she  hate me for this? Will this look she gives me – will it mean much more in years to come?  She moves on each time..But I am left wondering what she hasd tucked away from each experience? Hurt? Anger? Resentment..Or maybe respect?? I can only hope..

Every argument, gentle discussion, rasied voice and subsequent consequence feels like a hurdle we are both jumping as we hurtle closer toward the teenage years..And I fear the teenage years..Always have..Perhaps I am overthinking this and allowing my own fears to cloud each situation with her?

I love her and want desperately to guide her into becoming a good adult..But it’s not always a mapped out journey..And at times it’s pretty darned full of potholes… But I am honest with her too..Expressing my fears and thoughts at her expressions and over reactions..Asking if she realises how her behaviour affects me and others?

Don’t get me wrong though..She is otherwise a delightful and quirky child..Loving, cheeky and responsible..And although I fear it – I continue to dish out the same firm line..Not acceptable…

Whether or not her response is appropriate remains undetermined each time….And each time I am left wondering the same question…Which is at the heart of the matter really..

Will she?
Will she still love me?


Note: Please if you are reading this – I am not sobbing hopelessly into my pillow…I am fine..We didn’t even have a rough day..  This was just me pondering over our dinner preparations about my feelings about it..And I just wanted to get it down..

All about:

Miss M..Now aged 4:

  • Is known as Milly Moo..Mooms…Moomy…Milly Moo Maa…Do I need to go on??
  • Loves Thomas the cat to pieces.But continues to think he is female?

  • Can write and recognize the letter M from her name.. Working on entire name..
  • Get her colors right – MOST of the time..
  • Can count to 20 – misses 14 everytime..
  • Is polite..Thanks us for everything..To the point where you wonder if she knows some kids have NOTHING…Spooky..
  • Sweet and kind..Looking after her brother ALOT.
  • Complimentary to a FAULT..” Mum this dinner is YUMTASTIC!” 
  • Invents new words..ie) YUMTASTIC..
  • Can ride a BIG girls bike to the park and back.with training wheels of course.
  • Loves dresses and bright colours..
  • Loves Lucy and her blanket…
  • Has outfits for Lucy..
  • Likes to take her own pram shopping with Lucy on board..
  • Loves Harry Potter..EVEN the scary bits…
  • Can do a good impression of a sit up and a reverse lunge..
  • Loves pear porridge and pancakes and french toast..
  • enjoys my soups..
  • Loves a morning coffee..( frothy milk)
  • Loves a babychino when shopping..(frothy milk + marshmallow)
  • Likes to roll on and over her baby brother..WTH?
  • Has numerous boyfriends..Edward, Jacob, Matthew…Lucas..
  • Loves kinder..
  • Loves playgroup..More boyfriends here..Shannon, Blair, Curtis and Hamish
  • Did I mention she was popular with the blokes?
  • TALKS NON -STOP..I mean seriously..Chatter..Chatter…Chatter..
  • Is getting into the creative play..and taking her little brother along for the ride..
  • Still LOVES Peppa Pig..
  • Other TV faves include..Mike the Knight, Arthur and Laura’ Star..
  • Loves to help in the kitchen..Can crack an egg like an old pro…
  • BFF include Sarah, Katelynn, Scarlett, Lily, Charlotte, Sophia and Mietta..
  •  Loves a good lipgloss and has three flavours always on hand..
  • Is a fan of the Starship song..Ick..
  • You know that snickers ad? Milla..You’re not you when you’re hungry..
  • Tired Milla is whiny and sooky..BUT she tries always to stay up with her sisters..
  • HAs taken to stamping her foot if she doesn’t like what she hears.
  • “Pleeeeease..Pleease” is her fave way of trying to get what she wants..
  • Is in a size four..
  • Likes her finger and toenails painted and pretty where ever possible.

She is our only ‘planned’ baby adn we couldn’t have planned her better! She is a delight and funny little blond bundle.. Gorgeous and sweet natured…We simply love her to pieces..
She is a big girl now..Yes baby you are..


    Her bday week begins:

    Miss Moo Maa is four on Sunday..We kicked off her birthday celebrations this week with a self-decorated cake at playgroup. The idea was simple enough..We pre-iced it and then set it in the middle of the kids with bowls of various sweeties and away they went.. They clearly emptied the bowls of lollies and the resulting cake was a HIT! Many little hands make light work!

    On a side note our Miss Milla is very popular..Please note THE kiss..She’s a popular girl these days..Twin boyfriends at playgroup and a boyfriend at kinder too…

    We also have cake pops to make for kinder on Friday and a fairy castle cake for her birthday proper…No party this year..BUT plenty of cake it seems:

    Disclaimer: All kids hand were sanitized prior to decorating procedure…LOL..


    Cut from the same cloth:

    I took these little happy snaps while away in Yarrawonga over the holidays. And I have to tell you that I adore them. I don’t have alot of photos of my two men. So this is special – and it was just before he had his haircut..Baby and Daddy..Last images.. Ilove the smile and the feet drawn together in joy..So sweet..

    He walks in to a room and people say, “Hello Little Rodda..”
    He has his Daddy’s big blue eyes and they melt me just as much..
    He can see a person out on a bike and insist they are “Dadda”…
    I like him to wear a vest over a shirt – think preppy – Dadda hates it..
    The door from the house to the garage open and he automatically thinks it’s Dadda..

    Off  to Melb for footy and a date night tomorrow…


    She did it:

    Just a quick post today to let you all know that Miss H..My oldest and very precious girl had a very successful and fun experience on grade 5 camp. High ropes, bush tucker, emus, hiking, late night sleep walking /eating (not her!) and a raft of other experiences left very little time for sadness and meant sleep was definitely easy to come by…

    We took her out for a hot chocolate when she got home to celebrate and chat about her experiences. Also to let her know how truly proud of her we are. She now has the memories all ten year olds should have and know that if she ever is afraid of something..She can come to us with honesty and trust..She knows she can overcome fear..She has done it before..

    Love you baby girl


    Great advertising:

    Watching my footy team LOSE to Hawthorn last week … I found myself distracted by their promo.. The way they promoted two teams titles..I liked the graphic lines and it inspired this layout -even though I have photographed it crooked:

    The title is significant too. A while back Hallie (Rosie) started calling him Boo.. And for about three months it stuck. I even started calling him that. She doesn’t do it so much these days – But I wanted to comemorate and remember that time. I hope that when she is a young adult that she can look back at this layout and it warms her heart. I hope she smiles and realises just why she and her baby brother as so close. The bond was formed early.. I will probably give her this layout to keep eventually..

    On another note.. This layout started out as a CSI challenge! Hehehe! AGAIN..I missed the boat on entering it.. BUT at least the layout was done. Once the deadline passed. I through my hands up in the air and added the red that the challenge didn’t have and what I thought it was lacking. I am really happy with the result. Considering my scrapping mojo has deserted me of late…It’s not too bad really..

    My focus is being pulled in quite a few directions of late.. I am really into “clean eating”and fitness for both me and my family. I like to run.. I have so many photography clients –  I am always editin git seems.. So it seems something has to give and my scrapping has felt the brunt.

    So I apologise to my scrappy readers if there has been a lack of layouts lately.. I DO have a mini  ‘bit and bobs ‘kit almost ready to give away though.. It is a bit BIGGER this time and I have created it from the stuff I have used on two seperate layouts…

    STAY TUNED… and I hope you are enjoying my focus on food and fitness..


    Parental crossroads: Grade 5 camp

    Well..She’s gone to camp..In the lead up it was four nights of tears and pleading not to go..And four days of excitment and anticipation. The photos above show her excited and happy – thank god we got there..  And as I write this she is facing her first night..I can only hope she is doing well and asleep..
    Hallie wears her heart on her sleeve. And having reasoned, consoled and bluffed my way through getting her onto that bus I am actually happy. I didn’t think I would be.  I thought I  might be feeling the dreaded Mummy guilt at having forced a scared 10 year old to do something she really didn’t want to do.
    But we trusted our parental instincts and were honest and firm in the face of her extreme sadness. Looking back now. I know it was fear. I told her so. I asked her to not let the fear win.
    Last night she very calmly asked to not go to camp. AGAIN.. We told her what an awkward position that put us- as her parents in. If we let her stay home then we are to blame for her missing that integral childhood experience that you always remember. She has nothing to share with her peers next week, next month..The fear wins. If we force her to go – we feel like horrible parents, crippling her with fear? We really needed her to step up and make the correct choice – CAMP.
    We decided to wait until morning to make our decision. I actually avoided getting her up – so that the decision would be delayed!  It was a poor start with the fear winning. A quick chat about being positive..yada yada yada..And the smile came back. She got dressed..Put her gear by the door..Packed her toiletries..I gave her some lollies to share with her cabin mates..More smiles..So that by the time we got to school.. Well the above photos show that the excitment won out over the fear..
    Good parenting.. We can pat ourselves on the back..
    And pray we don’t get a phone call tonight!

    All about:

    Still loves Poppy ( 8 year long bear friend and bedtime pal)
    Still dresses Poppy.She has a suitcase of various outfits
    Only has one ear pierced
    Has had surgery on the other ear.
    Has 2 besties…Izzy and Tegan
    Does her own hair – everyday
    Has a smile that melts hearts
    Has a frown that freezes hearts
    can use both equally well…and to good effect.
    Whistles CONSTANTLY..
    Loves to play with her siblings – as long as they are following HER rules..
    Likes to stomp and humph and puff when she hears the word no…
    Is called Rosie and H and H BearV
    Loves her Ipod
    Loves her DS
    Loves the computer
    Hates – but with prompting –  respects boundaries placed on technology
    LOVES to spend money…
    Hates to be told she should SAVE money..
    World revolves her ten yr old self..
    Can be sweet and generous with her siblings
    Can be ferocious and uncomprising with her siblings (and her parents)
    Has trouble falling to sleep at night
    When asleep – sleeps still and LONG
    Has trouble with too much sugar and preservatives..tummy aches and sleeping
    Hates me trying to change her sugar intake..
    Fussy about new foods..
    Her fave meal spag and meatballs.
    Her fave snack is chocolate
    Is not a big fruit eater – but loves apples the best
    Always eats all her vegetables..
    Creative..Loves to draw and write
    Is neater in her corner of their room than I might have expected
    Still – she is the ultimate crap collector – and won’t throw anything away
    Is just getting into popular music
    But will still watch ABC kids..
    LOVES anything to do with Harry Potter
    Her first poster pinned in her wardrobe – Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger

    She is a riddle wrapped in a mystery my first and very beautiful daughter..
    I love you so much sweet girl and as you grow and change I try to keep the memory of your newborn self spooned into me as we both fell asleep close to me heart.. xxxxxxxxxx

    PS. SUE! I need you to email me! I need your address to send you your prize pack!

    And thanks to my bootcamp pal Ange – great workout yesterday – I have clocked 100 followers..
    I might have to put together a bits and bobs kit to celebrate!


    All about:

    She is 8 years and 8 months old
    Her fave colour is still purple.
    She still sucks her thumb when watching TV – if she thinks I am not looking..
    Still sleeps and plays with Friendy..Who is 7 years and 8 months old.. She has a wardrobe of clothing items…
    She loves SLEEP.. and a sleep in.. almost always last out of bed on the weekend..After 9am..
    Is the slowest breakfast eater..EVER..
    Is so gentle and patient with her little brother and sister.And encouraging with them too..
    Like to take the ‘middle ground’..So is almost always the mediator in arguments with her siblings..
    In the unlikely event she is involved in the tiff – well then we have floods of tears..
    Wants to do the RIGHT thing so BAD..Decisions are hard for her..Seriously..
    Likes raw red capsicum in her lunch box..
    Her hair is almost down to her bottom.
    Loves anything related to Harry Potter…
    Is up to reading book number six in the HP series..
    Like Moshi Monsters on the internet..
    Is super smart – we’ve been told..
    Sometimes called ‘the passenger’ during clean up..Tries to get away with not doing alot..
    Hangs out with her twin and a gaggle of other girls at school
    Is shy initially..She can come across a little aloof. But will open up in time..
    Notoriously quiet around other adults..Still..
    Loves my homemade spagetti and meatballs the best..
    Likes to ‘fly under the radar’ on most things..Goes about everything in a quiet non-showy kind of fashion? She stays on the edges of things? And  in this way she manages mostly stays out of the firing line..Shifty but extremely clever little miss that she is..
    So softly spoken I have to ask her to repeat alot of things she says to me..
    Will have a go at everything new.. Has that ‘I can’ spirit in a soft version.
    Is called ‘Memmy’ by most family members..
    Also known as Lizzy and Jem-Bob..

    She is one very divine half of my twins..I love her so very much..My sweet Lizzy girl xx

    Happy Sunday all