What’s a girl to do???


When running and working out are off limits due to the upcoming (and by upcoming I mean tomorrow!) half-marathon – what’s a girl to do – why create of course!!!

I had a little play with the Studio Calico wholesale line and here’s what I ended up with:

This is one of my current fave iphone photos. I adore the look on Miss Milla’s face as she looks up to her sister! Had a play with paint and mists.

And then feeling the love..Literally.. I had cried AGAIN at the end of Toy Story 3 today- what’s the deal with that??? I scrapped Hallie and her still precious Poppy – including my fave lines from the Velveteen Rabbit:

“When a child loves you for a really long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you. Then you become REAL.”

I love these large glassine baggies from Studio Calico. I filled this with sparkly sequins and a large shipping tag too!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I’m off for an early night in preparation for my Geelong half-marathon tomorrow!



Challenge+giveaway hint:

Just got back for the snow and really wanted to post this challenge for Purple Pumpkin before the month officially ran out. I do have a kit to giveaway that is based upon this layout and another one.. But I haven’t photographed it yet.. Stay tuned…Tomorrow I promise:

The layout was based upon this sketch…

Right.. Now to rest. Catch up with my two littlest people who I have missed ( a little bit) over the last three days..Continue reading the third instalment of The Hunger Games.. Which I started in the car after finishing Fifty Shades Darker..oooh la la..Then get some sleep and rest these aching skiing legs for bootcamp, grocery shopping and photo editing tomorrow…

Photos and delightful details of our snow trip with our big girls and good friends to come soon…

It’s Tues:

Congratulations Sue! Thanks so much stopping by my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment:

“I like you now have a little boy to scrap for after lots of girly’s
although in a different way to you, 3 girls of my own, 1 granddaughter; now 1 grandson who turned 1 on the 30th May, so the chance to win some scrapbooking stuff is great thanx”

Can’t wait to see what  you do with all my bits and bobs – and I am sure I will see some of your beautiful grandchildren on there!  And yes – it is delightful to scrap boy pages these days.. I really get a kick out of it! Swapping between the girls and Rylan sometimes is enough to reinvigorate me and get my mojo back on track too!

Thanks to everyone else who stopped by for a chance to win.. I will definitely be doing another giveaway! They are so much fun!

Sue – my email is the contact section at the very top of my blog.. Please email me your address and whether or not you would like me to mist your cardstock and your little gifty will be winging it’s way to you ASAP!

C xx

Friday giveaway!!!

I was creating this layout the other day..Realising that I use very little of a piece of new patterned paper.. I have a HUGE scrap container that I quite often scrap out of without even remotely cutting into a new piece.. Any way…I decided I could create this layout:

And do this too:

This is my mini kit…All this is exactly what I used to create the ‘R’ layout and a little bit more too!




Now understand..It’s full of bits and pieces.. There is a whole piece of cardstock. And if you win..I will happily recreate my misting on it for you if you wish..

I happily cut into many new pieces of paper this time so that I was able to put some in this kit.. There is also an entire dress pattern included and some of my own hand made stars that I used.. I didn’t have an entire set f white alpha’s so I have included a woodgrain set from Studio Calico instead..
Some of the bits included:

October Afternoon 9-5
Jillibean Soup
Studio Calico
Echo Park

Lots of little bit and bobs..Because as you know I put heaps of little things on my work!
I am happy for you recreate the same layout or make your own..

But if you win I would love you to leave me a comment with a link to see what you created!

So how do you win??
The old fashioned way of course…
I am away with my husband – child free this weekend..

So leave me a comment over the weekend and on Monday night I will randomly draw a winner…


Happy weekend all.. You gotta be in it to win it!