Who’s That Girl??

She eats clean…
She doesn’t eat chocolate..
She’s one ‘Tough Mudder’
She’s a ‘Hidden Warrior’….
She’s a ‘Fitness Professional’….
She runs..
She squats..
She lunges..
She changes habits…
She has four kids…
She works out…

She looks GOOOD..

Who’s that Girl????


Ab challenge:

I think I might have gone quite simply bonkers?? But I am going to post these photos anyway…Make of them what you will..But by doing so it will keep me accountable to workout and stick with the challenge:

Dani at Fitness Food and Style is running an ab challenge on her blog and seeing as I am semi- sort of fit and my core is already strong I thought it might be a bit of fun to play along and if I manage to look good in a bikini in a few months it will have been well worth it.. It was just the though of taking these photos that made me skirm a little…But they’re actually ok?

I think my mid-section is in it’s best shape since well BEFORE kidlets anyway..So I will have a go.. I like the challenge concept? Playing along with others makes it less of a chore… I am following the Killer Core and Cardio program devised by my friend and trainer Jac of Crabtree Fitness Professionals and it is awesome – TOUGH but awesome…

Want to play along???
Check out the links if you do…

Please be kind to my naked stomach photos….LOL



This is a bonus sketch for this month over at Stuck!.. They are celebrating their birthday this month with lots of prizes..Extra challenges and giveaways..

And here is my take on the sketch:

As is the norm these days, I am struggling with my mojo and my mojo is struggling with limited opportunity..And my opportune moments are struggling with a messy space..

Sigh….I look at my scrap space and either feel too tired or unispired, I go and hang or fold washing..I sort out clothing and make dinner, I workout..I play with the kidlets.. I edit photos..I blog..I read a bit of a book..

Then wouldn’t you know it – it’s the NEXT day..And I start looking at my creative space all over again..Trying to find the time… I wish I was one of those women who can do it all.. But some things just slip by me – and I am going to have to be content with that..

Having said all that….

I ran up our mountain on Sunday..( insert pumped expression here).. With  Jac..and a few others, we braved sleet, rain, freezing winds and runners full of water to complete the 14.2km round trip. I really should put a photo of our mountain here to give you an idea…Put it this way.. Occasionally it gets cold enough that there is snow on it and the kids all get to play in it! I think it at about 800m elevation??


I was recently photographing Dani for her transformation challenge…I was looking at her lean, mean muscles and secretly wondering how I could not possibly be like that yet??

Seriously. I have been working out like a mad thing since last Nov. I have moved from 4kg weights to 10 and 12kg??  Anyway I got the courage up to ask Dani to snap me. I had to see for myself.

I was in my daggies. I had done bootcamp just a few hours previously. But I looked at the shot and was shocked. My muscles are HUGE. I have guns baby! ( Thanks Jac!)  I don’t see that when I look in the mirror. I’m not sure what it is I see..But it certainly wasn’t what you see below…

I know my body shape has altered.. But you adjust to looking at yourself as you currently are and always find the negative in whatever looks back at you? Well I do…

So from today I am going to look upon my form with new eyes..I will look for the positive changes..Knowing I can lift that 12kg plate from a squat to standing – repeatedly..Means my body must be different – better… I think we all should check out our perception of ourselves and be less critical…

And you know what?? I wasn’t even really pumping it in the photo? Too shy – photographer – NOT model!!
Thanks Dani – for making me appreciate my hard work!

Bootcamp beauties:

I had the pleasure of photographing some of my bootcamp crew for our clever and talented instructor Jac.. I even managed to do the workout and give up my ‘baby’  to Jac for a couple of shots!

I must say it is extraordinarily COLD at 9am on a Wed..But well worth the effort once you are warmed up. And the kids don’t seem to mind the cold one little bit either. In fact they often ALL do a circuit with me – or end up in the boot of Jac’s car!

It really is all about ‘fitting in fitness’…….

If you are in Ballarat and would like to find out more about Crabtree Fitness, you can find more details here or contact Jac at crabtreefitness@gmail.com :