everyday routines: story time

I created this layout for an everyday routines challenge over at the Studio Calico blog. I had alot of fun with it. A bit of masking and misting..Always a good combo I think.

The mix of colours became a bit bolder than I had originally planned?? The black kinda crept in on me when I found the days of the week on a strip of patterned paper. The red also just appeared?I think it was the ‘sit still’ sticker? I just had to have it on there. I had to add more to balance it out and that’s how the title ended up in red lettering!

I took this photo to remember these little moments that happen inthe evening in our home. I adore that they enjoy reading stories to the littlies..It is definitely one of the bonuses of the large family!

I also took the photo so that in years to come I can let the big girls know how much I appreciated them doing this. It gives us a little respite from the onslaught – yes I said it – onslaught that bed time stories can become after doing it for 11 years!




I haven’t done a post where I documented an ordinary day for quite some time..Actually I haven’t got my camera out to take random every day snaps like I normally do…

So here’s my day rolled out:

4.30am: Rylan is unceremoniously dumped into our bed as Rod leaves for work..
5.00am: Rylan rolls on my head as he repeats his sisters names in order over and over..
5.10am: I yell..He wimpers and goes quiet..
6.23am: He is asleep above my head..I have been sleeping too and resume doing so..Toddler on my head notwithstanding..
7.35am: Milla crawls in beside me and fidgets..and fidgets..
7.50am she settles and we all sleep…Aaah..
8.30am All in bed awake..Time to get up..
8.45am: french toast on the go…
9.30am: Big girls make an entrance after a well earned sleep in from the concert the night previously.
9.35am: MORE french toast made and smothered in syrup and raspberries.
10.15am: put on load of washing, make beds, raise curtains..just the usual..
11.00am big girls finally dispatched at school for a rest day before second concert peformance tonight…
11.05am: Jode’s and her gang arrive and we pump out an ab workout with kids crawling all over us..
11.50am: COFFEE
12.10pm: sandwiches all round for kids..
12.30pm: drop Milla at kinder and watch her chat with her boyfriend Edward..sweetness..
12.40pm: Park Rylan in front of ABC kids and make my lunch..brown rice with peas, spinach, corn chicken and mushrooms..A splash of oyster sauce and soy..Quick and easy rice..
1.00pm: check email..facebook…etc…
1.10pm: hang washing from earlier..woops…Fold washing..
1.20pm: quick photo op before nap..our only ALONE time all week:

1.30pm: get Rylan ready for bed..
1.35pm: chase up Rylans blanket that he NEEDS to go to BED..
1.40pm: Rylan goes to bed FINALLY..PEACE..
1.45pm: reheat coffee from morning that I didn’t get to finish..
1.50pm: SCRAPBOOKING..some creativity at last..
3.20pm: wake buster to go and get Milla..
3.40pm: pick up popcorn at supermarket and collect older girls from school..
3.50pm: popcorn devoured..Finishing layout..
4.10pm: ALL kids separately come ask if they can have MORE to eat..Sigh..Fruit it is..
5.15pm: quickly photograph DT layouts before I lose light..
5.20pm: get Grace to snap me quickly for my bio too:

5.40pm: quick email check…and get girls into outfits for concert..
5.45pm: CRAP..No time to cook dinner for kids..
5.50pm: toasted sandwiches and tubs of yoghurt devoured..
6.00pm: hair and makeup for concert..80’s  ‘single ladies’ here we come..no photos sorry…
6.03pm: Rylan fall head first into the empty spa…
6.05pm: Rylan insist on blue eyeshadow too…sigh..
6.15pm: shoes located..snacks packed..in the car..
6.25pm: drop girls off at hall and wish them luck and smother with kisses..
6.35pm: prep lamb souvlaki to have with Rod….
7.00pm: get into spa.. and read 2 pages of Fifty Shades and the littlies locate me..DAMN..
7.05pm: ALL three of us now in the spa..Book is WET..
7.15pm: Rodda home..Yay!
725pm: cook lamb and set table while Rodda bathes with littlies..
7.35pm: sit and eat TOGETHER..a small glass of red..
7.40pm: Rylan kicking Milla and rolling on her…sigh..TIMEOUT..
7.55pm finish eating after getting up from the table FOUR more times..
8.10pm: Leave to go and and sneak into concert and watch girls for ther second time..Still weepy..
8.45pm: Hallie performs ‘All the Single Ladies’ withe all the other grade five girls..She is awesome..
9.15pm: Grand finale..All school singing “can you feel it”..YES we can.. COOL..
9.30pm: Home..Girls reading..Littles asleep..Me blogging…

Night xx

Hair today:

I was colouring my hair at home yesterday…Something I have been doing for about 6 months now..
And as I clipped the towel aroud my shouders with a hair clip and mixed the ingredints together..I could hear the little beings in the lounge grooving to the sounds of their new So Fresh Winter CD..
A bit of – “Starships are meant to fly…” was radiating through the walls to the ensuite..

And I found myself thinking how life changes..I have these type of moments quite often…But this one kicked me…15 years ago I lived in a two bedroom falt with a girlfriend and with Rod..I coloured my own hair then too..

Back then self-colouring was a way of saving money and avoiding the hairdressers who intimidated me ..I always came out looking nothing like I wanted..

Hair colouring began with a trip with two girlfriends the day before to choose a colour..If we happened to buy toenail polish and new lippy and those shoes that were to die for all the better!

Doing my own colour then meant alcohol.. Slipping into a robe..A night with the girls..Talking about sexual exploits and what wasd going on on Melrose Place..A large bar of cadburys..and girls making sure they carefully parted every section of your hair and coloured it carefully – allowing you the opportunity to cheack in the mirror in between gulps of champagne – to ensure it was going to your liking…

Always we waited to the alloted time to wash never going over – except if we were in the middle of a juicy bit of gossip…
Hair colouring was a social event..A fun one..That started with hair colour and ended with toenails and an empty champagne bottle and silver chocolate wrapping…

Skip to today..

After years of being coloured at the hairdressers,( I eventually got over my fear and like everyone else became both attached and bound to my own hairdresser..) budgeting and reasoning that I could do it perfectly well on my own means I have gone back to self-colouring..

ISo it is the school holidays.. All my kids are in the lounge.. ABC kids is on the other TV… Fully clothed. I whip an old towel around my shouders and haphazardly try to cover my roots while a twenty month old pulls at my leg. Then, towel still attached and roots colouring I whip in a pile of washing..Soothing a tired 3yr old as I go past on the way to the laundry.. Check the clock at the laundry door and have time to fold some of the washing so I will have room to hang the washing I have on…

Time to do the ends.. Fix the DVD player as I walk past on my way back to the bathroom..A minute over at least now… Madly with no definite plan in mind I squirt the remainder of the colour on the top of my head and mix it through in a frantic rush.. while the toddler pulls on the cord of the hairdryer beside me. Slip off gloves..Detach toodler from hairdryer and deposit him back in the lounge..

Quickly put on gloves and madly rub at my hair like a deranged salon stylist… Not bad…Adjust towel which is slipping, wipe away excess colour on my skin with a perfectly handy baby wipe..Go to kitchen as they have all descended upon my coloured self with complaints of hunger…

Make five rounds of sandwiches and look at the clock – shite! Well over appointed time to wash.. Make a bolt for shower.. Wash off quickly..and condition..No kids bugging me so I take the time to shave while I am there…

Sigh…All traces of colouring equipment are then quickly removed to the bin before little fingers can poison themselves.. A mild spritz with the hairdryer later and apparently the DVD player is again not performing to little people’s expectations and my haircoloring event is at an end….

Oh how the mighty have fallen…
Grace takes the photos above later in the day..Sweet girl..
Milla says, “Your hair looks pretty Mummy.”

Give me frantic and out of time any day of the week…


O Summer..Where for art thou?

Scrap the Girls outside photos challenge:

Thank goodness for Scrap the Girls this month as I am truly leaning towards my pile of Summer snaps! Winter has  hit us big time around here.. Brrr..  Let me just say bootcamp this morning was very breezy – to say the very least… Took some time to warm up…

I took this photo of M and J as they leaned over the back of Tracey and Fernando’s boat. I love the chipped Summer nailpolish..The way J is protectively putting her arm around her little sister and the the speed! You can tell we were moving – their hair was whipping in the wind…

What a lovely day we had with our friends on the river. I really miss them all..Summer goes so fast.. It was the first time Tracey and Fernando had invited us and we all had a ball..

Here are some more shots..To warm you and make you long for January:

Stuck Sketch For June 1:

As per usual I have taken  some liberties with the Stuck sketch.. Adding a few extra hearts for good measure..I love the blue background. A bit out of left field for me. But with the orange dinosaur and hearts on a boy page..I felt the blue really worked. what do you think?

This is the layout that goes with the photo and journalling from this post
Still sticking with the blog as a journalling prompt and it is working really well for me…


She did this:

….All by herself. And you know I can’t recreate the same look on her? And believe me I’ve tried! The softness of it is what my version is alway missing!

 She is 10 and just knows how her hair works I suppose. She does it herself everyday for school now. Very similar to this style. Although she is starting to branch out into loose pony tails  and pig tails too…

Another sign that she is growing up and away from me…



Keeping my word:

Doubling up this post..This is a ‘try this’ challenge for Show Us Your Stuff and also it is a layout created with a photo I posted with journalling to scrap at a later date here.

This system is working well. I also have the ‘Roar’ layout completed with the journalling I did on a post a few weeks back..I have done that for a design team challenge though so I will post it at a later date. I am truly much better at journalling on the blog. I tend to really overlook the important things to say when I am busy be creative on a layout! Too many pretties to put on and no time to think about the meaning behind the photo..Typical me..In fact I was almost finished this layout before I remembered I needed to get on my blog and squish in some journalling – to busy up to my elbows in glue and what have you!

Over at Show Us your Stuff the challenge was to try a textured background use gesso etc. I have used patterned material, craft glue, glimmermist and white paint- with some splodges of yellow thrown in after for good measure..Apart for making the page buckle a little it seemed to work well enough? Mind you in my typical fashion – I have covered most of it up with other things!

I am super-chuffed with the finished product. Crafty, bright, bold and meaningful too!