Scrapping the boy: NOV

I know I keep saying this…And I am sure that it is running out of me as I type this…But I am on a bit of a crafting high…BUT I have a pastel inspired challenge layout half-finished on my desk – ick – I dislike working with pastels and it sapping the creativity out of me…

But back on track – I have scrapped  my fair share of my son this past week..So boy overload coming on..I am sorry..But boy layouts flowed out of me – so that’s what you’ve got:


It was a colour palette challenge for the month of November.. And a tricky one at that. Not colours that I would normally run with – BUT that is what a challenge is all about I suppose! I had this photo of Rylan and it suited the colour scheme perfectly. The stars were created by cutting out the outline of already used star stickers – if that makes some sense? And I liked the sunburst paper – worked well with the theme..

                     Kraft It Up:                                

The challenge this month was to leave white space. Well…No probs there..Most of my layouts have this.. The colours in this layout were much more my kind of deal too! The from YEARS ago and I located them during my big clean up. Score.. This is HIM right now..Always moving…Cutie patootie..

I always like these challenges…This month was to use this combo:

Yellow + washi tape + handmade object

I always like to throw in a bit of yellow these days – when in the past it was pretty much taboo..I have a scrappy friend now moved away who always hated using yellow…Ahhhh…So on that note – One of my handmade objects was my mist. I mixed yellow paint and water to create my own.. I love my coloured stars.. Noice. I also created my own washi tape. I painted masking tape white and while it was wet misted it green and then used the end of a pencil to create the dots before the mist dried…I liked it it so much I made more for another layout I will post later…

This layout also started life on patterned paper but I preferred the stars on the white..So it became what you see…

See?? Boy overload…
More chicks next time..



Getting scrappy:

Took the afternoon to puddle about in the mess I call my scrapbook space today. I really should clean it up. I could then locate more embellishments to use – rather than pushing through the mess and using whatever I come up with! But the energy required to do that – well..Let’s just show you what I used that for instead:

Scrap the girls:

The challenge was to use:

2 alphas
more than one photo
Now at the time of creation..I couldn’t put my hand on the stapler. ( Found stapler staples added and they are there to see now!) You can umm..probably work out umm.. why..With the mess I call a scrap space…So it is missing that..I will still enter it and be sure that I will add them later..It relates to the journaling from this post and I have a hidden  behind one of the photos to incorporate it..
Also, I don’t know that my images are particularly clear at the moment?? Not sure what’s going on there?
Anywho….Felt a bit inspired to mist and stamp today. Possibly because I had a bit more time up my sleeve..But I dug out some old stamps for this one. I started out quite slowly..The first layout I created I dumped. Seriously, struggled with a more ‘arty’ type of background, so I turned to a sketch to help get me off the ground.. I love Em Straface’s Page Drafts sketch blog and I used this one:
So feeling inspired and with the children playing happily ( read: making a giant mess) I kept going and fluffed around in an old box of supplies.. I found some old chipboard letters and then came up with this:
This layout is for the Once Upon A Sketch challenge this month:
Again I used some stamps and a pen and bowl from my kitchen…To trace around..I misted on a tag again.. Oh and I flipped this sketch as well..
Thanks for looking…

everyday routines: story time

I created this layout for an everyday routines challenge over at the Studio Calico blog. I had alot of fun with it. A bit of masking and misting..Always a good combo I think.

The mix of colours became a bit bolder than I had originally planned?? The black kinda crept in on me when I found the days of the week on a strip of patterned paper. The red also just appeared?I think it was the ‘sit still’ sticker? I just had to have it on there. I had to add more to balance it out and that’s how the title ended up in red lettering!

I took this photo to remember these little moments that happen inthe evening in our home. I adore that they enjoy reading stories to the littlies..It is definitely one of the bonuses of the large family!

I also took the photo so that in years to come I can let the big girls know how much I appreciated them doing this. It gives us a little respite from the onslaught – yes I said it – onslaught that bed time stories can become after doing it for 11 years!


Showing my stuff:

……for Show Us Your Stuff October challenge..Which is a sketch challenge…

 Am still struggling to find the time to scrap that much…But I’m having a play now and then..
I was checking out Eb’s blog and saw her take on this layout which inspired me…
Have been busy planning our 20 year high school reunion these past months and tomorrow it is finally here…..Will post some photos soon….

Challenge ahoy!

It is the 31st of August..Which means I still have a few measly hours to post a couple of challenges!
I a not quite sure what took a hold of me? But inspiration struck a couple of days ago and I was able to create this:
Kraft It Up August Challenge:

This month was a sketch challenge.. So my layout was based on this sketch:

And then I set about creating this:

Scrap The Girls August Challenge:

The challenge this month was to use stars. Can you see them in there in amongst that busy bunting?
This layout also relates to this post about Milla right now..

And then after checking out Em Straface’s Page Drafts blog..I simply love her sketches! I ended up joining in at over at Grand Diva’s Creative Corner and created this:

Check out my handmade washi tape? Can you see it? Masking tape printed with stars.. I got the idea here at Maggie Holmes blog. Her layouts are always filled with such loevly little details.. I didn’t actually watch the tutorial.. Just saw the idea and made it up as I went along.. Arrows on masking tape is my next adveture I think..This layout – which is my new fave – was based upon this Page Drafts sketch:

Phew! Scrapping overload for a change! So mojo officially back in da house! Sorry, terrible humor really..
 What else is happening in y corner of the world?

Lots of photos of various clients to share soon..

On the home front.. I had a great day..A breakfast out with my DH and two littlies…. Run home..Roughly 11km..La di da…. A snooze in the afternoon…Homemade hamburgers and salad for dinner.. Meatballs made for Monday at the same time…Washing folded and put away..More washing hung.. Purchased a mandolin to make a yummy and quick salad..Perfect for Summer… Picked up se bargains for my munckins at Cotton on Kids..And then a relax in our spa whilst reading Fifty Shades no3…

The kids also helped me make clean-eating, slow-cooked brownies for Rod’s birthday tomorrow.. It’s been in the slow cooker for four hours and I am waiting for it to cool. So I can’t tell you how it tastes yet? I found the recipe at The Gracious Pantry..Admittedly I used white flour as I didn’t have any wholemeal..And I may have been more heavy handed with the chocolate, ( it his birthday after all!)
but otherwise I stuck to the recipe…

Off to the footy on the train with our kidlets tomorrow..Taking our own hotdogs and brownies!
Go the pies!

Night xx

Stuck layout:

I had some fun making butterflies ‘fly’ so to speak on a boy layout! I think it works ok? Ireally like the finished result. The photos are some of my fave of him before his haircut. I get all wistful looking at them…So blond. The photos were taken at Mt Buller. The house we were staying at had stairs. For him and his little mate William..Well..Let’s just say I went and got the camera and sat there to watch them go up and down..Up and down…Their joy was neverending..aah youth…
This layout  is based on the August 15th sketch over at Stuck:

It’s a very versatile sketch really..
Go on have a go…

More Milla birthday cake photos to come…


Ab challenge:

I think I might have gone quite simply bonkers?? But I am going to post these photos anyway…Make of them what you will..But by doing so it will keep me accountable to workout and stick with the challenge:

Dani at Fitness Food and Style is running an ab challenge on her blog and seeing as I am semi- sort of fit and my core is already strong I thought it might be a bit of fun to play along and if I manage to look good in a bikini in a few months it will have been well worth it.. It was just the though of taking these photos that made me skirm a little…But they’re actually ok?

I think my mid-section is in it’s best shape since well BEFORE kidlets anyway..So I will have a go.. I like the challenge concept? Playing along with others makes it less of a chore… I am following the Killer Core and Cardio program devised by my friend and trainer Jac of Crabtree Fitness Professionals and it is awesome – TOUGH but awesome…

Want to play along???
Check out the links if you do…

Please be kind to my naked stomach photos….LOL



This is a bonus sketch for this month over at Stuck!.. They are celebrating their birthday this month with lots of prizes..Extra challenges and giveaways..

And here is my take on the sketch:

As is the norm these days, I am struggling with my mojo and my mojo is struggling with limited opportunity..And my opportune moments are struggling with a messy space..

Sigh….I look at my scrap space and either feel too tired or unispired, I go and hang or fold washing..I sort out clothing and make dinner, I workout..I play with the kidlets.. I edit photos..I blog..I read a bit of a book..

Then wouldn’t you know it – it’s the NEXT day..And I start looking at my creative space all over again..Trying to find the time… I wish I was one of those women who can do it all.. But some things just slip by me – and I am going to have to be content with that..

Having said all that….

I ran up our mountain on Sunday..( insert pumped expression here).. With  Jac..and a few others, we braved sleet, rain, freezing winds and runners full of water to complete the 14.2km round trip. I really should put a photo of our mountain here to give you an idea…Put it this way.. Occasionally it gets cold enough that there is snow on it and the kids all get to play in it! I think it at about 800m elevation??

Wild with colour:

Oh so bold and out there! I had an awesome time with all these crazy colours for the current Bird Is the Word Challenge. But as usual – in the mad whirl that I call my life – I missed entering it…Sigh..

I have taken to handcutting my own arrows? Like it? I know alot of  scrappers use a silhouette. I can’t justify the cost so handcutting it is..

Which is a great segway into my next ‘bits and bobs’mini kit which is currently in the works..  It is bright and bold in flavour similar to this layout  and will include some of my handcut arrows too!
Want another giveaway.. Hold onto to your scissors ladies it’s just around the corner!

C xx

Good and Stuck:

Another sketch for the middle of the month over at Stuck:

This photo of Grace was tricky to work with? The yellow light and the black markings on her sweet little feline face made it difficult to choose papers. Well for me anyways.. Then I came across this dressed doll pattern. Very retro and I loved it. A very simple sketch this time. That is easily open to much interpretation I think…

Sorry for the very crooked photo? Ooops…A couple of my handmade flowers on there too..

C xx