Ears lowered:

I can hardly believe he’s had his baby haircut? What the hell was I thinking? I miss the wispy.. I miss the sheer blondness.. I breastfeed him and I feel like I’m letting a 4yr old latch on!

I asked the hairdresser if she could cut it like Dane Swan? Ummmm no…Was the surprised response.. Apparently taking clippers to a not quite 2 year old is a place a hairdresser won’t go.. I didn’t wan’t him to have tattoo sleeves or anything  – just the cool 50’s style do all the footy players seem to be sporting?

Alas it was just the scissors this time. He was very brave and sat mostly still. My girlfriend actually squealed when she first saw  him sans baby hair. I am still getting used to it. But we have attempted wax? With mixed results really. I am so used to ribbons, braids and ponytails!

All this growing up crap has made me nostalgic for his newborn days…I recalled today putting him in his capsule for the first time – leaving hospital. All the girls were fussing over his sweet little form.. Glee’s “Don’t Stop Believin” ( or Gracie’s song as Milla used to call it) was playing in the car.. I was happy, sore and content..A beautiful time.. But I was only nostalgic mind..I don’t have any desire to be back there.. The remembering is the sweetest and saddest thing – both combined..

Off to make muffins for school luncboxes and then chicken pizza for tea..
Hope your Sunday is good.. A bit nostalgic maybe? Or just plain relaxed..

Please leave me some comments to reaasure me that he looks cute with no bloody hair!

Bye xx


4 pink one blue:

Sound familiar? They could be us..Except they have a farm, wool, shearing shed and haybales!

Thanks guys! It was so much fun hanging out with a family – so much like my own! You all did really great – even in the face of some pretty chilly conditions!  As per usual these photos are the quirky and cute ones thay simply appealed to me…You will have plenty more to choose from I assure you!

C xx

A prince among:


Had to happen really! Hallie made all the girls crowns from some scraps she bought home from school.

HE had to have one too:

I love the crown styled with the lumberjack- come -bogan flanelette shirt – so COOL buddy..So COOL..
Hope you are all having a royally good Sunday….

C xx

winter sunshine and warm chocolate:

I really do love our cold little town…..Sometimes I tend to just whinge about how absolutely freezing it is..The I get to look at it through my lens and then the beauty of it in Winter is abundantly clear..
Here’s what I saw camera in hand on this day..
And I’ll just let this gorgeous family show you how magical our Winters can be:

I wanted to add a little ‘thank you’ to this family..
I said from the beginning before I took the first shot..Please just be natural.. I  will get the shots.. You did. It was perfect. At the cafe was just awesome and might I add warming for us all!
My photos will hopefully help you remember a tradition in your family with even greater fondness..