sweet girl – 1 yr on:

I had the pleasure of photograph this little sweetie when she was a wee little newborn. I love it when I am asked back to photograph them again at various stages as they grow! her Mum was also keen for a cake smash – something I’ve never photographed before? It was lots of fun. _MG_3161 copy2 _MG_3171 copy _MG_3186 copy _MG_3229 copy _MG_3231 copy  _MG_3248 copy2 _MG_3258 copy _MG_3262 copy2 _MG_3304 copy _MG_3317 copy2 _MG_3391 copy2 _MG_3421 copy _MG_3424 copy2 _MG_3476 copy _MG_3480 copy _MG_3516 copy _MG_3529 copy _MG_3544 copy _MG_3581 copy2 _MG_3606 copy


Twice the love:

These beautiful twin girls and their family were a joy to capture. The extended family were all so enamoured with these two little people and it was fun to witness them all trying their best to keep the girls smiling and happy for the photos. I have had the pleasure of watching these two darlings grow from tiny little bubbas into these sweet and inquisitive toddlers through our regular twins club playgroup..Its amazing how fast time moves isn’t it? Seems like only yesterday my 11yr old twins were toddling around like this:

_MG_2764 copy _MG_2776 copy _MG_2782 copy _MG_2834 copy _MG_2848 copy _MG_2909 copy _MG_2915 copy _MG_2930 copy _MG_2940 copy _MG_2944 copy2 _MG_2949 copy _MG_3094 copy _MG_3119 copy

Room makeovers:

So..I don’t watch the Block. But my inner stylist has been let loose lately! Being a family of seven- it’s all been done on a tight budget- and with comfort and easy living on the forefront… I’ve shopped a lot at Kmart- they’ve got some great trendy finds- looking on Pinter and IG- at how others have styled their Kmart affordable stuff has been useful!! I also picked up a few things during the Target home sale- and the Reject shop has been good too- you have to be more thoughtful there- but lately they’ve had some awesome prints- really cheap too:






First up is my young mans room. I’ve really been admiring the monochrome themes for boys rooms. But to be honest it just wasn’t gonna work on my budget and with what he already had!! My fave new pieces inc the homemade spidey print, walrus print from the craft market, his Pom poms I made and the cute Reserved pillow from Kmart!!


The teenagers space was next. Basically made over her wall above her bed. Added in a poem about her birth that had never been hung. She likes the little changes. She bought her Eiffel Tower pillow- up next for her will be a funky black and white doona cover!!





The twins side of the room is the biggest. They ended up scoring the reject shop deer print and enjoy print from Kmart that I had been holding for the loungeroom! Both have new tween doonas!!

And finally miss m. Hers was done yesterday. A cheap tin of gold spray paint remodelled a frame that was in the boys room- and jazzed up her letter. The giant m print I created in Photoshop- printed and framed from Officeworks for less than $4. I particularly love the pops of black now in her room!!

My maxines shape up journey:

…is finished! I have posted some of these shots on my IG feed – as I have a lot of people that I follow and that follow me who have done the challenge. I feel a bit weird posting them here – but what the hell? I had fun posing for the photoshoot – that shows off how hard I have worked over the last three months. Controlling what goes in you mouth, lifting weights, dealing with sceptics, staying true to the nutritional plan in social situtaions and juggling all this with five kids – has been tough.

But even though, I wasn’t always on point with food – I had holidays, girls weekends and other events where

I was less strict – I stuck really well to the training aspect. I love to run, and the addition of a freebie stationary bike before the challenge started all helped. Regular bootcamps and a new barbell and plates that now are housed in my lounge room – had me going strong! I love lifting weights now!!

So, these photos are my final results.. Some are also posted on the Maxines Challenge website. I followed all the guidelines – so am in the running to make top 50 – I hope! If you’d like to take a moment to vote for me I  would really appreciate it. Here’s the link:

Maxines Shape Up Challenge 2014

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Wide-eyed princess:

First baby I have had the pleasure of photographing – who did NOT sleep a wink during the shoot! It’s lucky she has incredibly beautiful eyes:

_MG_8899 copy

_MG_8905 copy

_MG_8916 copy

_MG_8954 copy

_MG_8966 copy

_MG_8976 copy

_MG_8990 copy

_MG_9004 copy

_MG_9026 copy

_MG_9037 copy

_MG_9060 copy

_MG_9096 copy

_MG_9171 copy

_MG_9185 copy

_MG_9230 copy

its bday season:

Yep bday season is upon us!! Here’s a few snaps from the big camera from Miss M and Dads..First cabs off the ranks in our household:







Bensons & the beach:

Terrible over achiever when it comes to photos, my family and first experiences!! Benson;s first time at the beach on this long weekend just past..He totally loved Point Lonsdale and we all loved experiencing it with him. He met so mnay other dogs and SO many poodle crosses..Obviously a posh trendy beach dog breed!!

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