My maxines shape up journey:

…is finished! I have posted some of these shots on my IG feed – as I have a lot of people that I follow and that follow me who have done the challenge. I feel a bit weird posting them here – but what the hell? I had fun posing for the photoshoot – that shows off how hard I have worked over the last three months. Controlling what goes in you mouth, lifting weights, dealing with sceptics, staying true to the nutritional plan in social situtaions and juggling all this with five kids – has been tough.

But even though, I wasn’t always on point with food – I had holidays, girls weekends and other events where

I was less strict – I stuck really well to the training aspect. I love to run, and the addition of a freebie stationary bike before the challenge started all helped. Regular bootcamps and a new barbell and plates that now are housed in my lounge room – had me going strong! I love lifting weights now!!

So, these photos are my final results.. Some are also posted on the Maxines Challenge website. I followed all the guidelines – so am in the running to make top 50 – I hope! If you’d like to take a moment to vote for me I  would really appreciate it. Here’s the link:

Maxines Shape Up Challenge 2014

4 8 13 22 25 33 36 37 38 39 40 43 45 46 47 maxines final back maxines final front2 maxines8 maxines9


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